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Refunds and Cancellation Policy for UKPGS 2024

General Attendee Cancellation terms:

  • Should you wish to amend or cancel a booking (a registration or dinner ticket) before the 1 January 2024, you will be due a full refund for the part of the booking payment that you are cancelling.

  • After the 1 January 2024 all booking payments are non-refundable unless:

    • The nature of the cancellation is specifically associated with a COVID-19 Individual cancellation policy;

    • or associated with the Organisation cancellation and refund policy, where full or partial refunds will be offered.


Cancellation of an Individual booking payment after the 1 January 2024 

You are entitled to a full refund (minus an administration fee of 1.5%* of the value of the booking) after the 1 January 2024 if:

  • UK or Country travel restrictions prevent you from attending a face-to-face meeting in London. 

As with any travel or event, it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure they have the appropriate insurance in place to cover any potential losses they may incur as a result of medical or personal scenarios that are not covered by the Organisation refund policy.


REFUND management terms:

  • Any requests for refunds or amendments to bookings must be sent to Louise Richards,

  • We acknowledge that bookings are made in good faith but that circumstances may result in delegates being unable to attend the meetings in January 2024 for reasons outside their personal control. Therefore, while our general policy is not to offer refunds after 1 January 2024, all refund requests will be review on a case-by-case basis.

  • Refunds are made to the payment method used only. Refunds will be processed within 7 working days.


Cancellation of the UKPGS meeting by the Organisation. Circumstances outside the Organisation’s control - Refund policy

Should circumstances outside our control mean that we sadly have to cancel the face-to-face meeting (even at short notice) on the 26 January 2024, the meeting will be replaced by a virtual-only event on that date or postponed until 2025. Any amendments to the 2024 meeting will be conveyed to delegates as soon as possible.

Full and partial Refunds policy

  • In the case that the 2024 meeting is completely cancelled, i.e. not postponed to a specific date in 2025 and not changed to a virtual meeting a full refund will be offered.

  • In the case that the 2024 meeting is postponed to a specific date in 2024/2025 and not changed to a 2024 virtual meeting, registrants will be offered the option to receive a full refund or have the booking fees paid for 26 January 2024 held by the Organisation as full payment towards next UKPGS booking fees.

  • In the case of the Organisation cancelling the UKPGS 2024 physical meeting but instead holding a virtual meeting on the 26 January 2024:

    • Dinner payments will be fully refunded.

    • Scientific meeting payments will be partly refunded. The non-refundable proportion of the fee being equal to the cost of comparable online-only meeting registration fee.

Circumstances outside our control may include a:

1) UK Government guideline banning indoor public gatherings of more than 30 people or more;

2) or a specific UK-wide NHS Staff non-meeting policy be put in place that prevents NHS Staff gatherings; 

3) or, the Organisers believe it highly likely that the meeting will not be able to take place in January 2024 due to anticipated UK travel restrictions;

the Organisation will at the earliest opportunity make a decision to alter the meeting to:

  1. a virtual-only event format on the 26 January 2024

  2. or postpone to a specific date later in 2024 or move to 2025. 

*Note: The administration fee of 1.5% is the amount paid by UKPGS to the payment merchant as transaction fees. The fees are non-refundable to the Organisation.

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