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UKPGS 2024 Programme 
26th January 2024

CPD = 8 self-accredited points (Royal College for Ophthalmologists)

08:00 - 09:00  

Registration & Refreshments

Ready yourself for a day of being immersed in paediatric glaucoma research and clinical topics 


President's Welcome

Peng T Khaw London, UK

09:10 - 10:02

Session 1 - Research

Co-Chairs: Sushmita Kaushik, Chandigarh, India and Patrick Watts, Cardiff, UK 

Session introduction


1: Visual field indices in children with glaucoma compared to that in adult glaucoma patients with comparable retinal nerve fibre layer thickness

Ashok Kumar Singh Chandigarh, India


2: Utility of clinical exome sequencing for non-acquired childhood glaucoma

Sushmita Kaushik Chandigarh, India


3: Comparing the safety and efficacy of combined trabeculotomy and trabeculectomy (CTT) with and without Ologen in paediatric primary congenital and infantile glaucoma

Sirisha Senthil Hyderabad, India


4:Classification of the corneal changes in childhood glaucoma from ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) images, and determination of any prognostic value of specific changes

Ashok Kumar Singh Chandigarh, India


5: Distribution of port wine birthmarks and glaucoma outcomes in Sturge Weber syndrome

Daniel M Vu Boston, USA


6: Comparing the accuracy of ChatGPT-Generated patient education materials about paediatric glaucoma and paediatric cataracts

Deniz Goodman Miami, USA

09:47 - 10:02: Discussion

10:05 - 10:57

Session 2 - Clinical

Co-Chairs: Ray Areaux, Minneapolis, USA and Velota Sung, Birmingham, UK

Session introduction


7: Genetic characterisation of ocular anomalies: LTBP2 mutations and a unique ocular profile

Sirisha Senthil Hyderabad, India


8: Ab externo suture circumferential trabeculotomy versus gonioscopy-assisted transluminal trabeculotomy in primary congenital glaucoma

Serhat İmamoğlu Istanbul, Turkey


9: Efficacy of bent angle needle goniectomy as a primary and redo surgery for management of paediatric glaucoma

Hend Helal Benha, Egypt


10: Phacomatosis pigmento vascularis: unravelling the clinical and demographic profile of a rare congenital malformation syndrome - a comprehensive series

Sirisha Senthil Hyderabad, India


11: Exploring the impact of retinopathy of prematurity and non-surgical interventions on intraocular pressure in preterm infants

Sushmita Kaushik

Chandigarh, India


12: Longitudinal analysis of transition clinic follow-up in a tertiary glaucoma centre

Hussai Aluzri Birmingham, UK


10:42 - 10:57: Discussion


10:57 - 11:22: Tea/Coffee Break and Posters

11:22 - 12:08

Session 3 - Tube symposium

Co-Chairs: Sirisha Senthil, Hyderabad, India and Kenneth Yau, Manchester, UK

Session introduction


13: Ten-year outcome of tube shunt surgery at a tertiary centre in a paediatric population

Hussain Aluzri Birmingham, UK


14: Ologen augmentation of Ahmed glaucoma drainage devices: 1–5-year follow-up

Brenda Bohnsack Chicago, USA


15: A case of AADI (Aurolab aqueous drainage implant) with supramid stenting in a refractory secondary childhood glaucoma in congenital rubella syndrome post penetrating keratoplasty

Manju Anilkumar Madurai, India


16: Early outcomes of the PAUL glaucoma implant in intractable primary congenital glaucoma

Hamidu Hamisi Gobeka Afyonkarahisar, Turkey


17: Outcomes of Aurolab aqueous drainage implant in the management of refractory paediatric angle recession glaucoma, case series study

Mohamed Awwad Benha Egypt


18: PAUL glaucoma implant effectiveness in an Irish paediatric cohort: a 24-month retrospective cohort study

Melissa Murphy Dublin, Ireland


11:53 - 12:08: Discussion

12:10 - 13:00

Session 4 - Tube failure symposium

Co-Chairs: Joe Abbott, Birmingham, UK and Hiranya Abeysekera, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Session introduction


19: Long-term outcomes of cyclophotocoagulation in refractory paediatric glaucoma: treatment response and success in 262 eyes

Maram Abdalla Elsayed Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


20: Management of failed Ahmed glaucoma valve in childhood glaucoma

Hiranya Abeysekera Colombo, Sri Lanka


21: Outcomes of revision surgery for aqueous shunt exposure in paediatric onset glaucoma

Alessandra Martins London, UK


22: Unrecognised intermittent glaucoma drainage tube blockage secondary to pharmacological pupil dilation

Ahmed Ali Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK


23: Glaucoma drainage Device (GDD) revision in paediatric glaucoma

Samuel Simpson Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK


24: AGV valve slicing – a blessing in disguise

Sirisha Senthil Hyderabad, India


12:45 - 13:00: Discussion

13:00 - 13:45: Lunch and Posters. AGM 13:20 - 13:45

13:45 -14:05


Visual rehabilitation and glaucoma outcomes in severe congenital anterior segment developmental disorders

Susmito Biswas

Manchester, UK

14:05 - 14:38

Session 5 - Teaching glaucoma surgery symposium

Co-Chairs: Elena Bitrian, Miami, USA and Alessandra Martins, London, UK

Session introduction


25: Development of a skills transfer course

Deniz Goodman Miami, USA


26: Exam under anaesthesia for paediatric glaucoma: a simulation-based training

Vandana Persad Miami, USA


27: The synthetic eye model

Deniz Goodman Miami, USA


28: Training the next generation of paediatric glaucoma surgeons: an international effort

Elena Bitrian Miami, USA


14:31 - 14:38: Discussion

14:38 - 15:20

Session 6 - Rapid fire. Research

Co-Chairs: Brenda Bohnsack, Chicago, USA and  John Brookes, London, UK


Session Introduction


29: Factors and outcomes associated with corneal oedema and Haab's striae in primary congenital glaucoma

Brenda Bohnsack Chicago, USA


30: Genetic changes associated with childhood glaucoma: a systematic review

Anika Kumar San Francisco, USA


31: Medium-term survival of developmental glaucoma treated with ab interno angles surgery: analysis of a large clinical database

Ta Chen Peter Chang Miami, USA


32: Early experience with micro-pulse transscleral diode cyclophotocoagulation for refractory paediatric glaucomas

Ray Areaux Minneapolis, USA


33: Exploring the potential of augmented reality and virtual reality as a diagnostic tool for glaucoma screening in ophthalmology

Krishnika Vetrivel London, UK


34: Value-cost comparison of standard automated perimetry and head-mounted perimetry

Deniz Goodman Miami, USA


35: Analysis of peripapillary vascular density with optical coherence angiography (OCT-A) in paediatric glaucoma. Comparative study with healthy subjects

Flora Xydaki Madrid, Spain


15:07 - 15:20: Discussion

15:20 - 15:30: CGRN update

Alana Grajewski, Miami, USA


15:30 -15:50: Tea/Coffee Break and Posters 

15:50 - 16:32

Session 7 - Rapid fire. Clinical

Co-Chairs: Ta Chen Peter Chang, Miami, USA and Christopher Lyons, Vancouver, Canada

Session introduction


36: Shedding light on ab interno canaloplasty: a novel surgical technique to manage paediatric glaucoma

Arjun Sharma Miami, USA


37: All aniridias are not same: the mysterious world of absent iris!!

Ashok Kumar Singh Chandigarh, India


38: Childhood glaucoma associated with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome: long-term outcomes of a case series

Cristina Ginés-Gallego Manchester, UK


39: Congenital glaucoma and Aicardi-Goutières syndrome, a case report

Alfonso Miranda-Sánchez Madrid, Spain


40: Rare case of Adams Oliver syndrome with congenital glaucoma

Manju Anilkumar Madurai, India


41: Persistent tunica vasculosa lentis in glaucoma associated with neurofibromatosis – a case report

Nader Bayoumi Alexandria, Egypt


42: Serous detachment of the macula in an eye with glaucoma associated with port-wine birthmark after Initiating prostaglandin analogue therapy

Ta Chen Peter Chang Miami, USA


16:20 - 16:32: Discussion

16:32 - 17:13

Session 8 - Video symposium

Co-Chairs: Beth Edmunds, Portland, USA and Rizwan Malik, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Session introduction


43: PRESERFLO MicroShunt-implantation surgery and a small case series of paediatric patients

Susana Duarte Lisbon, Portugal


44: Uveitis-glaucoma-hyphaema syndrome causing secondary paediatric glaucoma

Pooja Pendri Miami, USA


45: Juvenile xanthogranuloma with neovascular glaucoma masquerading as primary congenital glaucoma

Juan P López Santiago, Chile


46: Clinical evaluation protocol for childhood glaucoma

Manju  Anilkumar Madurai, India


47: Surgical management of bilateral angle closure in a nanophthalmous patient during acute phacomorphic glaucoma attack in the right eye versus chronic angle closure

Rayan Abou Khzam Miami, USA


16:58 - 17:13: Discussion

17:13 -17:23

Prizes and acknowledgements  

UKPGS Committee

17:23 -17:54


Standing on the shoulders of giants 

Christopher Lyons

Vancouver, Canada

17:54 - 18:00

President's closing comments  

Peng T Khaw London, UK

18:00 - 20:00

 Drinks and Dinner (Ticket entry only)

 Drinks and and a 2-course buffet dinner


Whittington Suite

P1: Comparison of genetic resource utilisation among ophthalmologists

Deniz Goodman Miami, USA


P2: Traumatic hyphaema

Aminah Iffah Jawaheer Taunton, UK


P3: Aniridia and anterior segment dysgenesis: an uncommon union

Sirisha Senthil Hyderabad, India

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