UKPGS Learning Centre 2021



Chairs: Dr Teresa Chen, Boston, USA & Dr Alana Grajewski, Miami, USA

21 - The effect of photographic light exposure on cup to disc ratio grading ABSTRACT

Dr Matthew J McSoley, Miami, USA

22 - Prematurely perforated Schlemm’s canal during GATT (V) ABSTRACT

Dr Ta Chen Peter Chang, Miami, USA

23 - Childhood glaucoma in Down syndrome ABSTRACT

Dr Raymond G Areaux Jr., Minneapolis, USA

24 - A large and small tube in Rieger's syndrome (V) ABSTRACT

Mr Imran Masood, Birmingham, UK

25 - Changes in axial length in PCG patients after surgery ABSTRACT

Dr Osvaldo Berger, London, UK

Session 5 Chair moderated Panel Discussion

Panelists: Dr Raymond G Areaux Jr., Dr Osvaldo Berger, Dr Ta Chen Peter Chang, Mr Imran Masood, Dr Matthew J McSoley