UKPGS Learning Centre 2021



Chairs: Mr Joe Abbott, Birmingham, UK & Mr John Brookes, London, UK


26 - Paediatric glaucoma surgery in the United States: Five-year incidence in the Intelligent Research in Sight registry and Optum data set ABSTRACT  

Prof Ann Shue, Stanford, USA

27 - Case report of monozygotic twins with Hallerman-Streiff syndrome presenting with microphthalmia, bilateral congenital cataracts, posterior synechiae and early-onset glaucoma ABSTRACT 

Dr Kellyn N Bellsmith, Portland, USA

28 - A review of the role of the hand-held OCT in primary congenital glaucoma (V) ABSTRACT

Dr Ghyath Kafa, Manchester, UK

29 - Congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction and childhood glaucoma: Rare concurrence and distinct presentations ABSTRACT

Dr Raymond G Areaux Jr., Minneapolis, USA

30 - Long-term follow-up of glaucoma drainage implants (tubes) in paediatric glaucoma patients ABSTRACT

Dr Susanna Koenig, London, UK


Session 6 Chair moderated Panel Discussion

Panelists: Dr Raymond G Areaux Jr., Dr Kellyn N Bellsmith, Dr Ghyath Kafa, Dr Susanna Koenig, Prof Ann Shue